During our production of the remembrance day ceremony at Confederation College we had to set up many things. These included audio equipment, wiring & cabling, video cameras, intercom systems, and more. We used to different stations one was in a remote location broadcasting the feed from the student commons area so we could live stream both our show & SUCCI’S show. In the remote location we had another location in the Digital Media Production web station / control room.On the run through day we had everything running smoothly. I was working with audio in studio but also helped set up remote. When we were setting up on the day of the shoot we had a bunch of problems. Mainly in studio the audio was routed wrong and the graphics malfunctioned. The stream computer that was broadcasting the stream froze and needed too reboot so everything got reset. I think more prep time is needed for a show and to always make sure everything is running smoothly. Other than the issues, everything ran according to plan after the issues were fixed. We had a great show over all and I am excited for the next one!

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