Today we had our late show in the morning. We had a bunch of fun topics discussed & fun gags happen. Also we had a musical performance and entertainment. Set up was a bit tricky during our run through on Sunday as we had a bit of an audio issue. Luckily we got that fixed for today’s show. I would say set up today went smooth, and was really quick. What we should improve on is punctuality as some of us were late but some had good reason. Next we should focus on knowing our positions. and getting an ironed out show format for every member of the team. Also putting together a script for the camera operator and switcher that the director has put together so they all know exactly when cues are supposed to be happening. We had awesome teamwork though which made everything run smoothly, and everyone did their jobs well. Another improvement we need is to have better labels so we know what each cord is for and where it needs to be plugged into. This is so we aren’t scrambling on run through days or the shows actual day of production. In Conclusion I believe we had an excellent show despite difficulties we had overcome our obstacles and we nailed our production.

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